Monday, February 18, 2013

Bizr 68 RIP

Bizr 68 RIP by zoneism
Bizr 68 RIP, a photo by zoneism on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Today's tribute to Bizare. I met Bizare at BBoy summit in the mid 90's. Then linked up ten years later in 04 when he put me on LORDS. It's been a privilege to represent..Peace be upon you brother..

Friday, February 15, 2013

Isto rocking the Zone outline

isto painted by zoneism
isto painted, a photo by zoneism on Flickr.

Isto rocked this outline I did for him when I was on my 2nd Tour in Iraq. He did it up nicely love the colors in the fill.


KEMS. by Ironlak
KEMS., a photo by Ironlak on Flickr.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Outline for Bizare 68

I did this outline for Bizare 68 who recently passed. Biz was the founder of the LORDS crew which Bizare put me on in 04. I've been blessed to be a part of Lords which has a long and deep history.

93' SIX by Quasar Portland Oregon

93' SIX by QUASAR, a photo by GRAFF HARD-COPIES on Flickr.

Photo Credit: Ming One

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Eight DTK (Charlie/ Porn)

Eight by Soundwaves
Eight, a photo by Soundwaves on Flickr.

This guy has had a huge influence on me coming up..I'll dig for more from Charlie and post on the regular.

Mone TFP

Big Mone creepin in the tunnels..


DASH FC by Fresh Paint NYC
DASH FC, a photo by Fresh Paint NYC on Flickr.

Dash is consistently on point..

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Style TFL CBS Zone WST TFL by zoneism
Style TFL CBS Zone WST TFL, a photo by zoneism on Flickr.

Style took a day off work to paint with me on my recent trip back to Cali. We did as much as we could before it got too dark to paint.

Style Zone Production 2013

orange2013 by zoneism
orange2013, a photo by zoneism on Flickr.

Knocked this out with my partner Style recently in So Cal.

Bando & Mode 2 Chrome Time!

Untitled by the BANDO archives
Untitled, a photo by the BANDO archives on Flickr.

Sorry but you cant front on this gem...Too Fresh.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OG Crush SDK at Euclid 1990

This was a fun day at the Euclid Pit with Crush Zodak, Daze and Sake..Crush rocked this SDK that day. I miss fills like this.


bando  by Graffitimuseum
bando , a photo by Graffitimuseum on Flickr.

Style Master Bando. This guy still has a heavy influence on some of today's popular writers. I'm sure some of ya'll know who I'm talking about..

Monday, February 4, 2013

SKR From LA's DCV Crew put this video together which is a collection of flicks from 88-to 92 or so..I found myself hitting pause on multiple occasions watching this gem..Some Charlie pieces I had never seen and Dream SMD, Skill, Risk, Etc..Worth a look if your into the golden age of West Coast Graffiti..

Maria by Zeno 1990

Zeno 1990 by towardsthesun
Zeno 1990, a photo by towardsthesun on Flickr.

Zeno is one of San Diego's all time great writers and style masters in my opinion. When kids say they think I have a NY influenced style, I say to an extent, but once removed...It was shit like this being done in San Diego when I was a young toy absorbing everything that I saw that made me want to develop that funk...So clean this piece is. Untouchable!


AWE2 & ISTO, a photo by TRAIN CHAMPS INC on Flickr.

Another Banger from TCI Crew. Check out the Flicr Feed by clicking the photo..These guys wreck shop, I'm telling you...


ISTO & DREW, a photo by TRAIN CHAMPS INC on Flickr.

I had the privelidge of painting a train with Isto back in 06..I can say that his crew TCI puts out the highest quality freights bar none...These guys consistently rock well thought out end to ends on a regular basis. Something you just don't see a lot of these days. Mad Props!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Bizr68 by Soundwaves
Bizr68, a photo by Soundwaves on Flickr.

Rest In Peace Lord Bizare. Founder of the LORDS Crew.

Rival WCA

Rival WCA by plexton
Rival WCA, a photo by plexton on Flickr.

These days I need to go back in time for inspiration and motivation...Who says that you have to take the funk and soul out of stuff today..not I..

Photo Credit Plex

For Quake Lords

For Quake Lords by zoneism
For Quake Lords, a photo by zoneism on Flickr.

Been Sick at home with a bad case of the Flu, so I knocked this black book piece out to send to my homie Quake TFL.